I’m Inspired!

An incredible event happened on November 2nd, a shift in the tide of power not seen in 70+ years.  The majority of the American people made their discontent with the current agenda known to our elected officials.  Amazingly enough, no part of the country was left untouched by the movement.  Call it what you want, change, modification, transformation or revolution; the old way of doing things is no longer acceptable.

I’m inspired by those that we elected on November 2, 2010.  The republican ticket took on a task that seemed almost impossible to successfully complete early on and kept their focus till the end.  Fueled mostly by a people who were tired of being ignored and/or marginalized, the party took notice and promised a new era of leadership.  I’m looking forward to what these elected leaders will do and promise to hold them accountable; I hope you will join me in doing the same.

So now what?

What lies ahead for those of us in Findlay/Hancock County?  While some celebration time and reflection of what we helped accomplish is warranted, we can’t stop there.

My willingness to throw my hat in the ring to be our next Mayor of Findlay is rooted in the answer to this question:

Do we crave a government we can be proud of, one that empowers us so we can innovate and create our own future?

My answer is ABSOLULTELY! I know we need a government that can provide the tools and reinforce our values.  Values such as family, integrity, generosity, community and courage are what make us great.  I live these values every day and call upon my courage to enable and empower others.  Action requires the courage to execute.  Leading a community is not an easy endeavor and tough decisions must be made.  These decisions must consider the greater good.

Over the next 6 months, I hope to show you what’s on the horizon.  I’m excited about the future and to get there we need leadership.  I want your expectations to be set high, because that’s where mine are.  I’m promising you three basic things throughout the campaign that we as a community will accomplish.

  • We will be competitive
  • We will be prepared
  • We will be professional

Competitive, from the standpoint that we will excel not only in Northwest Ohio but statewide, nationwide and internationally as well.  In order for us to be competitive we need to acknowledge that we CAN compete in a global economy and our stability as a community is dependent upon it.

Prepared, knowing that our flood mitigation solution should be priority #1.  The future success and strength of our community is contingent on addressing this issue.  I’ve seen first-hand the damage and destruction both physical and emotional our flooding problem has cause.  We need to have the courage to prepare.

Professionalism in government service should not be a lost art and it starts from the top.  Management is not a title or a specific pay grade; it’s a commitment to taking responsibility.  In order to unlock the true power of public service within the City of Findlay we need to create a positive and supportive environment, one that has focus.

Many of you have heard me say “You can’t always control the timing of your opportunities, but you can control how you take advantage of them.”  We, as a community, have an opportunity to move forward in a new direction, not unlike the new course that is being set in Washington, DC and in Ohio now.   I’m looking forward to further explaining the vision that I have for our great city and invite you to have an open dialogue about it.

Best Wishes,

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